Great to a find a substack highlighting Iain McGilchrist's work. I have been thinking about how to wake up the RHs in others as well as ourselves. This is what I came up with "Then the “waking up of the masses” becomes the task of literally waking up the right hemispheres of people under the spell of mass psychosis. This cannot be simply achieved by argumentation with facts and logic, because this just feeds the left hemisphere over-activation, but must be done by appealing to the right hemisphere via re-connection to love and common humanity, through metaphor, comedy, poetry, music, awe and beauty."

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Nov 20, 2021Liked by Richard Emerson

I think Thai Chi is a good middle ground, or the dialectic phase John has, journaling after the meditation are all probably middle ground. I think spiritual goals, and journaling dreams probably crystalize the right hemispheric.

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Nov 18, 2021Liked by Richard Emerson

Hi Richard, I've been pondering Iain McGilchrist's work for a few years now. One thing to note is that probably from the RH point of view there is no "battle of the hemispheres", because it sees the need for its own "negation" and understand it can't get involved in the details.

I've recently had a thought about how in the world could the balance (RH dominance) come back from the LH-dominated mindset. What I came up with is that LH effectively lives on borrowed time and will eventually run out of steam. The final stages can be observed, e.g., in the self-referential nature of today's "art". (Fits in with the view that LH is a hall of mirrors unable to conceive of anything outside itself. In Pageau's terms, the upside-down world will be flipped back on its feet by the same forces that flipped it upside-down in the first place. Kind of like hitting rock bottom in one's personal life.

I've been reading Wordsworth to "balance my brain", I went through the journey with Mark Vernon's commentaries on Dante's Divine Comedy only later to realize that I've been on a journey of spiritual transformation, I'm reading classics and philosophy (Greeks, Bergson, Bartoft, Gadamer) to catch up on what I've missed (I have a Ph.D. in technical math-based profession, which is rather dry, but I've always felt there is more).

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